Born and raised in São Paulo Brazil, Anderson Zaca moved to New York City in 1995, where he studied through many universities and earned degrees in photography and film. Zaca is a co-founded of Time Clickers and he lives and work out of Brooklyn NYC.

Rizzooli book publisher just release the book BROOKLYN PHOTOGRAPHS NOW and your boy Zaca has 4 pages in it. Check it out when you are at the book store

I received a call from Sam saying I had been chosen to go on assignment anywhere in the world of my choice and shoot with the new Sony 7RIII. Seriously, I am not even kidding. Will post images soon.

Working on the Fuji Instax portrait mural. Have already shot over 500 pictures of New Yorkers.  Love this cameras. They are fun and get awesome reactions from everyone!

The Block Party interactive art exhibition  at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum  opens December 16th, 2017. Experience the block party NYC summer tradition and culture of the 5 boros under one roof with lots of games, 360 film, photography, fun and art for all ages.

Already started to work on Block Party interactive exhibition at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.  We are greeting out visitors with a portrait mural of about 400 pics. Sponsored by Fujifilm Instax.  The block party exhibition is the most anticipated show in the museum in the last decade.

September 12, 19, 26, and October 3 at happyluckno1 gallery, we will have a photography discussion looking into contact sheets shot by many photographers.  Here is the list of people that will join me and curator Stephanie Baptist in the discussions. September 12: Ernie Monteiro, Deputy Photo Editor at Inc. […]